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All My Best Friends Represent Vertebrates

Welcome to another Marvelous Monday in 3rd Grade! We hope you had a good 3 day weekend. We kicked off our day in 3rd Grade with our Morning Meeting and a couple announcements. We are starting something new in our classroom -- Behavior Bingo! Anytime our whole class is following CHAMPS expectations, adhering to our classroom rules, and just being awesome 3rd graders -- your teachers will pick a student to pull out a number from the jar and that number will get colored in on a giant Hundred Chart. Once our class gets 10 numbers in a row, you get to vote on your prize! We can’t wait for you to be rewarded for awesome behavior!

Next we began our Animal Classification Read-Aloud. We learned a new mnemonic device to help us remember the five vertebrate animal groups: “All My Best Friends Represent Vertebrates.” You learned that fish, amphibians, and reptiles are cold-blooded animals, while birds and mammals are warm-blooded. What are some ways that warm-blooded animals help their bodies stay warm when it is cold outside? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

In our reading rotations, you learned more about warm and cold blooded animals as you read Chapter 4 in your Little Readers with Mrs. Meridith. In Mrs. Day’s writing group you selected sentences that best supported a given topic sentence. You also learned that a prefix is a syllable placed in front of a root word. Prefixes change the meaning of the root word. The two prefixes you studied today are un- and non- which both mean “not.”

After Reading Prime Time and Daily 5 we finished reading The Lemonade War. We will start planning our own 3rd Grade Lemonade Stand Fundraiser this week!

In Social Studies, we discussed location. You used a map with a compass rose and some clues to help decide which direction Lucy needed to go to get to her destination. We ended our lesson with “Teacher Says.” You had to listen closely to your teacher to decide on which direction to turn or not turn to!

In math, we started a new type of menu. You now have a daily activity that you need to complete during menu time. Today, you decorated a folder that will be used for Parent Teacher conferences. Your teachers gave you a lesson about relating skip-counting by fives on the clock and telling time to a number line. You also had technology time on Dreambox.

It was a great Monday! See you all tomorrow!

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