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Alexander Graham Bell, Bridges, & Comparing Fractions

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome to our Thursday. It was another wonderful day, minus Mrs. Day being gone for meetings. We missed her, but thankfully Mrs. Miller was here to fill in and she is a pro!

We are getting close to finishing up Unit 5 about Light and Sound. Today you learned about a famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. After learning about what inspired Bell’s inventions, you had to think about what inspires you. What is Alexander Graham Bell famous for? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

After a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time/CAFE, it was time for lunch and indoor recess.

When you returned to the classroom, we continued designing and began testing your paper bridges. Some of your bridges held over 200 pennies! We were VERY impressed with the way your groups worked together and solved problems.

In math, we worked on comparing fractions. We know that if a fraction has more pieces, the pieces will be smaller. We also used our fraction strips and drew fraction circles to help us compare.

We ended the day by playing a few rounds of 4 corners since it was still way too cold to go outside for recess!

Overall, it was an awesome day in 3rd grade! See you tomorrow!

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