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Hello my favorite 3rd graders! We began our day by filling out job applications and finishing your Animal Zoo map questions. Then during morning meeting we played a few rounds of "Doggy Where's Your Bone?" and we gave you another hint about our surprise coming to the classroom after Spring Break. We will give you another clue tomorrow!

In today's rotations you continued working on your planet mobiles with Miss Gurley. We hope that you have started to memorize the order of the planets, as well as learn more about each planets characteristics. Start thinking about which planet you would like to find out more information about for your next fun project, a Planet Report! In Mrs. Day's group you worked on a reading/writing a choice board to review what you have learned about space and astronomy. The choice board had 9 activities and you got to choose 3 to work on. Some of the activities included writing a sentence to describe the author's purpose, comparing and contrasting ideas from the text, and describing how one of the images in the text helped you to understand what you read. If you did not finish your choice board today, you will continue working on it tomorrow. With Mrs. Meridith we reviewed bar graphs and then interpreted measurement data from various line plots.

Miss Victoria from Exploration Place was here for a fun science lesson about electricity. You got to test out static electricity by charging a balloon (aka rubbing it on your head) and seeing if packing peanuts, yarn, paper, string, a cotton ball and a balloon stuck to the blown up balloon. The items stuck to the balloon because you "excited" the electrons. Miss Erica will be back next week to do the second half of this lesson!

At the end of the day, we were lucky enough to get outside for another recess! It was so beautiful out. Have a great evening 3rd graders, see you all tomorrow!

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