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Hello 3rd graders, happy Thursday! It was another great day in our class. After morning announcements and taking time to greet your classmates, we gave you your last hint for the special surprise coming after spring break. Some of you think you know what it is, BUT I can promise you it is different from anything that you had in 2nd grade. We will reveal the surprise tomorrow :)

After morning meeting you listened to a read-aloud all about Constellations. You learned that a constellation is a group of stars in the night sky that appears to form a picture of an object, animal, or person. Constellations often have stories that explain how they came to be in the sky. During rotations you read Chapter 7 which was also all about constellations. Some of you named the Big and Little Dipper as constellations that you have seen; who remembers how many constellations can be seen in the night sky?

For math today, we reviewed line plots, picture graphs, and bar graphs so you are prepared for your test tomorrow! Your test will be very similar to our review, so Mrs. Meridith hopes you were paying close attention (wink wink). In Mrs. Day's writing group you practiced capitalizing titles. Remember, the first and last word are always capitalized and if it includes an important word that is longer than 3 letters, that word is also capitalized. For an extra dollar, correctly capitalize the title: because of winn dixie. You are all almost finished with your planet mobiles in Miss Gurley's group!

In science we met with Mystery Doug to make some discoveries about what magnets can do. You tested if magnets were attracted to pennies, paper, cardboard, string and other objects. You were also able to make a paper clip dance by using the force of a magnet. Magnets are weird!

Don't forget to study for you spelling and times tests. See you tomorrow for a busy and fun Friday!!

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