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Happy Wednesday 3rd graders! We have successfully made it halfway through the week! For today's morning work, you had to think of what kinds of things do you need to be responsible for a pet. You all came up with great answers such as: food, water, shelter, and love! We gave you another hint for our special surprise, which included a teaser movie starring our very own Blayr, Aliviah and Eli.

After morning meeting, we did a whole group read aloud. This read-aloud was a little different because you had to follow along in your workbook and annotate the text as your teachers read. Annotate means to "mark up" and "make notes in a text." So, as we read you circled any key ideas, words and phrases, you underlined words or phrases you did not understand and you wrote important thoughts, ideas, or questions in the margins. Annotating is a helpful way to have a better understanding of what you have read.

Once we finished our read-aloud, we began our rotations. In Miss Gurley's group you worked on your planet mobiles again. You are all getting close to finishing the mobile and moving on to the next planet project. For writing with Mrs. Day, you either finished your reading/writing choice board or watched "The Lonely Island" and answered inferencing questions. In Mrs. Meridith's math group, we represented measurement data with line plots. In order to correctly represent the data, we had to determine the scale for the line plot and figure what interval we should count by. Next we plotted our data and added a key to show what each X represented and a label to show what unit we used to measure.

There was no Prime Time today, so we were able to go outside to complete a house challenge! For this month's house challenge, you completed a relay race with your house members. But, this wasn't your typical relay race - for this race you had to pass a balloon to your house members while laying down and you could only use your feet! This was tricky, especially since it was kind of windy outside and we had some balloons fly away! Congrats to our winners:

1st: Miserator

2nd: Fidelitas

3rd: Amicus

After our house challenge, we finished reading Because of Winn Dixie. We will start watching the movie tomorrow and see how it is similar to and different from the book. During social studies we read about Emily, who had just moved to a new city. You used your knowledge of maps to answer questions that helped her find her way around the big city.

We ended our day by celebrating Greyson's birthday with a birthday song and some treats. Have a great evening, see you all tomorrow!

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