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3rd Day of 3rd Grade!

It was a fun-filled day all about the number THREE today! We celebrated the 3rd Day of 3rd Grade with lots of activities around our favorite number. We took turns sharing our sacks with 3 special items, did 3 minutes of dancing, and 3 minutes of exercise. Then, we got a 3rd Day packet of activities to complete, such as 3 of our favorite things, a word search with 3-letter words, making as many words as we could out of the letters in THIRD GRADE, and much more. We spent all day brainstorming well-known things that come in threes, like 3 Musketeers, 3 Amigos, or the 3 Little Pigs. We listened to books with the number 3 in the title. And at the end of the day, we had a triathlon.

Hattie Row was the winner of our rock, paper, scissors tournament. Mrs. Meridith's class DOMINATED the tic-tac-toe relay challenge. And Cassius and Aiden were the 3-legged race champions. We got some delicious popsicles and headed home for the day. See you all tomorrow for a FUN Friday in 3rd Grade!

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