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1st Day of State Assessments, Dandelion Art, Area & Perimeter

Good morning class! Happy Tuesday! We hope you are well-rested and ready for another busy week in 3rd grade! We began our morning with a meeting, announcements, and some reminders for the week. Before we got down to business, you were able to go outside to get some fresh air and wake your brains up.

The countdown to State Assessments is officially over. You took your first math test today. With bananas and donuts to fuel your brains, you used your knowledge and skills that we have practiced all year to do your best. Your teachers even wore special shirts that displayed a test taking strategy! For a bonus ticket, what is the correct answer to this question:

On test day I will ________.

  1. Stay cool

  2. Take my time

  3. Listen carefully

  4. Do my best work

  5. All of the above

Once everyone was finished testing, we took another brain break outside. When you returned to the classroom, you created dandelion puff art using watercolor paper, sharpies, and watercolor. We will finish these tomorrow. They are looking awesome so far!

We kept our afternoon pretty normal and had three rotations. During teacher time, you constructed rectangles with a given perimeter and determined their areas. You realized that even when the perimeter was the same, the area changed.

It was a busy and productive day in 3rd grade! Remember to get to bed at a decent time and eat a healthy breakfast. Keep up the good work. Your teachers are very proud of you! See you in the morning!

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