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12 Days of Gratitude!

Welcome to another fabulous week in 3rd grade! We began our morning by congratulating Miss Gurley on her engagement! Yay! During morning meeting, we started our 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge. We want you to be thinking about all the things, big and small, that you can be thankful for each and every day! You also found out that next Friday, we will be taking our first class field trip to Cowtown! A note will be sent home with more information for your parents.

Today’s read-aloud was the last one in which you heard about the different human body systems. You have learned quite a bit of information about how the human body works! What does it mean to have a “clean bill of health”?

During our reading rotations you continued working on your health fair projects in Mrs. Day’s group. Don’t forget, the Health Fair is this FRIDAY! That’s only 4 days away! You completed a systems sort with Mrs. Meridith and added what you have learned about Human Body Systems to our KWL chart. For spelling practice, you did a fun activity called “scribble spelling.”

After recess and lunch we continued working on our Changes in Kansas book. Today we discussed how architecture in Kansas has changed over the years. For example, present buildings and homes are much sturdier and made with different materials than in the past.

In math you went to Prime Time or completed a menu activity. All the menu activities this week focus on the commutative and distributive properties of multiplication and division. These properties are helpful strategies to remember when you come across an equation that you don’t know the answer to right away! During your teacher lesson you worked on dividing and multiplying with units of 7. You also completed Dreambox lessons during technology time.

It was a great day! Have a nice evening!

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